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Concept and strategy for startups and growth firms

The entrepreneurship module is intended for our distinguished learners who either want to start an enterprise or are already in one. The module gives you a deeper insight into the key concepts of entrepreneurship and by default starting and running a successful enterprise. The module will be taught by tutors who are both academics and business practitioners. You will therefore be enjoying the combination of theory and practice.



Introduction to managing Human Resource

Introduction to Human Resource Management describes the bundle of management activities, policies, procedures and actions undertaken by commercial firms, state owned enterprises and other organizations to recruit, retain, develop, motivate, reward and retain their employees in order to achieve their corporate goals.



The Psychology of Business

[Developing a Success Mindset]

The Psychology of Business module is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and tools required to be effective and successful in a business or workplace setting. Global statistics indicate that the rate of new business failure is as high as 90%, while many existing businesses fail as a result of bad leadership. The wrong business mindset and psychological approach on the part of owners…




Contract Law

This course will enrich learners who are keen to acquire knowledge about legal rules and matters that underpin the world of commerce.  The Business Contract Law will provide an excellent introduction to the English Legal System, Contract Law, Tort and Entertainment Law. These modules will give learners a more in-depth insight into business laws’ fundamental concepts and will be taught by tutors, academics, and business practitioners. You will, therefore, be enjoying the combination of theory and practice.


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